Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss

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There is a difference between fat loss and weight loss:….

WEIGHT LOSS ⁣happens when the scale either goes up (which means you gained weight) or the scale goes down (which means you lost weight). For some reason we have this idea in our head that this scale weight is a 1:1 relationship to fat meaning if we gained a pound  – but in fact, its so much more complicated than that because our weight is made up of more than just fat!!!!!! Our bodies are made up of fat, muscles, soft tissue, organ, water, ligaments, a brain… all these things that contribute to our weight. So when you see the scale go up or down is DOES NOT always mean fat. ⁣

⁣FAT LOSS ⁣is the loss of fat in the body. You can have fat loss without any weight loss. You can lose fat off your body and not see any change on the scale (AND on the flip side, you can also have weight loss on the scale without any actual fat loss!)⁣

⁣We look at scale weight as this 1:1 relationship with fat but it really isn’t! ⁣

⁣So the next time you start saying “I want to lose weight” I really want you to start saying  “I want to lose fat” because that’s what you really mean, right? Nobody goes into weight loss and says “oh I really want to lose some water weight or muscle” -NO! We want to lose FAT!⁣


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