How to Meal Plan with Macros

It’s Sunday night meal prep and I’d share some tips on the process of how I come up with my weekly meal plans.⁠

1️⃣First I think about what I’m in the mood for. Like if I’m having a craving for Mexican or Asian flavors.🤔

2️⃣I usually do a quick scan of the fridge and pantry and think of how to build a meal around what I already have to avoid food waste.🚪👀

3️⃣I look online for the weekly circular to see what’s on sale or in season.📰☀️

4️⃣Finally, I plug in the foods I want to eat at each meal into MyFitnessPal. I adjust the serving sizes of each food so that they meet my protein, carb and fat goals.⁠📲

5️⃣Once I have everything exactly how I want it, I go shopping for what I need and cook it all in bulk for the week!⁠🛒

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