Low Carb Taco Salad

My favorite kinda salad is a taco salad!!

I’m such a creature of habit and I eat some type of variation of this ALMOST every night. There’s quite a few ways to switch it up but here are the basics:

Lettuce: I typically do a blend of romaine and spring mix but iceberg does well too!

More veggies: Always do sweet onion(because I <3 them but you may omit these if you don’t like them raw), and sometimes mini sweet peppers

Protein: Ground beef or ground turkey or even ground chicken. (Sometimes and very rarely will I do chicken breast or steak, but you can do these too!)

Fat: Guacamole or fresh avocado

Flavor: Salsa (an absolute MUST for taco salad! It’s not taco salad without salsa!) Sometimes I even add extra taco sauce. BEWARE, some salsas are loaded with carbs. Use one that is 10 cal per 2 tbsp

Dressing: Couple options here… you could do

  • nothing – between the guacamole and the salsa, you’ll get plenty of flavor!
  • 1 spoonful of cottage cheese – again, you’ll have the flavor from the guac and salsa but the added cottage cheese makes it creamy
  • Trader Joe’s green dressing – 20 calories for 2 tbsp and packed with flavor!
  • Bolthouse Farms Cilantro avocado yogurt dressing – 45 cal for 2 tbsp



What I avoid: corn, tortillas, cheese, black beans – these add a tone of extra calories pretty quickly. If you have room for them in your macro there’s no harm but I usually do not. eat more for less-3



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