👩🏻‍🍳 Frozen Yogurt Blueberry Bites

Inspired by recipes on Pinterest! I omitted the extra honey because its unnecessary added sugar! The blueberries are sweet enough!

I used a light&fit nonfat greek yogurt single serving cup so that it would be easy to count the macros (but you can use ANY yogurt). I also weighted out 120g of blueberries for easy tracking as well. The final product would be 2 servings – one for now and one for later!!


I ended up using a spoon and picking the berries out with my fingers… it was more fun that way! (speaking of… this is a great recipe for kids!)


I added sprinkles to about half of them for fun!

I ate half and saved the other half for another day! Keep them stored in Tupperware in the freezer for a quick and healthy sweet summer snack!


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