Mexico Day 5

I actually “slept in” today…. Which meant I woke up at 7:45am, LOL

I went for a run/walk around the entire resort. This was the first actual bit of real cardio I’ve done all week. Part of me wishes I planned more runs throughout the week but I just didn’t have the time between shooting and the evening parties/dinners with the IBMS family. I enjoyed a massive breakfast and then hit the gym for a good lift to put those calories to good use!

And then, it was time to sit by the pool and relax!!

Today I didn’t schedule a single shoot because it was officially my well-deserved day to chill and drink and eat and drink some more. I counted… over the past 4 days I did 19 photo shoots!!!! (16 different photographers!) THATS A LOT, no wonder I’m exhausted AF!.

I took a few touristy pictures around the resort but for the most part, I stayed off my phone and just enjoyed the resort and the people I was with… oh and the drinks.

I realized something else too…Never have I ever drank so much during the day at a pool. Is it strange that I just never had the opportunity? I started bodybuilding at 22 and it lasted 4 years and being so health conscious, I just never felt the need/want to do such a thing.

Tonight was the farewell dinner and all white party for the IBMS. I don’t know how but I showered and got my hair and makeup done in 50 minutes and when I arrived to the cocktail hour one of my favorite photographers of the week asked to do a quick shoot. We literally took maybe 8 pictures, in under 2 minutes and nailed it. (And so I officially made it to 20 photo shoots this week!) Just incredible!

The food was not only well presented tonight but it tasted delicious! I have definitely been impressed by the food here!

At the farewell dinner we always go around the room and everybody gets a chance to say a few words about their experience and whatever else they’d like to say. It’s always my favorite night of these events because we really get to cherish everybody as a family.

I just have to say majority of the photographers I work with are some of the most compassionate, genuine, creative, and downright hilarious people I’ve ever met in my entire life.💙

This short speech accurately depicts the absolutely amazing dynamic of the The International Bikini Model Search family!!!

And I’d just like to give a special shout out to every IBMS photographer I’ve had the pleasure to work with(from this event and past events, sorry if I missed you in the tag!): I appreciate you and all the hard work that goes into each and every image we create! Thank you all for helping my wildest dreams come true!🙏💋

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