Mexico Day 3

Surprisingly, I’m not as sore as I thought I was going to be after the Jungle gym…

Today started with an 8am yoga class on the beach! Definitely exactly what I needed! Then I went to the amazing buffet with the donut wall.. I’ve been pretty good, as I had planned to be and now it’s time to start indulging and really enjoy this vacation!

After breakfast I went to our mandatory meeting which was all about the Miss IBMS México contest tonight. I decided not to participate in it because I didn’t want to put any unnecessary pressure on myself. The purpose of this trip is to relax and have fun shooting. Modeling is my HOBBY, it’s not my career. Some of these women live for this and they deserve it more than me 🙌🏼

After that I spent an hour trying to get reconnected to the resort internet on my computer (technology issues) so that I could do some work because today is check in day for my clients! I took my laptop down to the pool and it was just so magical. I’m fucking living a dream right now, it’s so surreal!

I took a stroll throughout the resort and enjoyed some alone time while everyone else was shooting.

Around 3pm I decided to hit the gym to put these extra calories to use but just as I was walking in I ran into a photographer who thought its be really cool to shoot me in the gym – despite the fact that I wasn’t wearing ANY makeup at all. I ended up doing a bunch of isometric holds on certain exercises like straight leg deadlifts, barbell curls and pull-ups so that he can take pictures. But I guess I already got that yoga workout and a long walk in so I’m good right???

Before I knew it, it was 4:30 and I had less than an hour to get dressed for dinner reservations. This resort has 8 restaurants that require formal wear and reservations. I went with just one photographer and we looked like we were going to high school prom, it was quite comical but we definitely enjoyed it!

I absolutely loved my dress for dinner so I did an impromptu shoot before the IBMS contest. (So much for taking a day off for shooting, right?) From there, I went to the contest. I did not compete but I did present flowers to the winner (forever the trophy girl, haha!!!)

I had quite a few drinks throughout the evening and was feeling pretty buzzed but I declined the invite to the club because I want to hit up a sunrise shoot on the beach in the morning because I haven’t done that here yet!

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