Mexico Day 2


The Tulum Jungle Gym needs a whole blog post in itself! IT WAS INCREDIBLE! We had trouble finding it because the actual entrance was facing the Gulf.. isn’t that crazy? Like you had to swim there to get to it LOL! We got there at 6:20am and had the entire place to ourselves until 9am when it opened up to the public – so we immediately got to work! We had a total of 4 models, 5 photographers and 2 assistants (to help with lighting and shit). I made friends with one of the assistants so he took a ton of pictures, videos and slow-mo videos with my iphone so that I could show you guys how amazing this place is ASAP! Even though we took so many, I still don’t think I took enough! The gym was smaller than I thought it was going to be but still super epic.

The Tulum Jungle Gym is well known in the bodybuilding/fitness industry. I honestly didn’t put 2 and 2 together until one of the other ladies mentioned an excursion so I said HECK YES COUNT ME IN! It’s legit and actual gym that’s open to the public to workout and they actually have classes too! They have all the weights (rocks and wood) you need to get a killer workout!

2.5 hours with 5 photographers = I was BEAT! I didn’t drink much water but our shuttle driver bought us this amazing coconut water with pulp drink for when we finished. It was absolutely delicious.

We got back just in time to hit the breakfast buffet before it closed then went directly to our mandatory meeting. After the meeting, I started to not feel very well – probably a combination of dehydration and too much excitement. I had a headache and my tummy a little upset. I tried to go back to my room to take a nap and rest but I was just SOOOO anxious to post my pictures to my stories for y’all and the adrenaline was still high. I closed my eyes for about 45 min but couldn’t fall asleep so I ended up going back down to the lunch buffet and loading up on a salad and some tea to calm my stomach. Unfortunately, it didn’t really work as I’m still kinda feeling off as I write this. Totally a bummer because I have been trying to keep it really clean. Not sure what the culprit is right now but I’ll figure it out! Tomorrow is a new day right?!

My next shoot wasn’t until 2pm but the time passed too quickly and I didn’t get much rest. This one was much slower moving (especially compared to the Jungle Gym) so I wasn’t really feeling it. And then every time I wanted to change out and go back to the room I kept running into other photographers who were pleading to shoot with me. I accepted one but then declined all the others. I kinda regret accepting the last one because when he showed me the photos I could see in my eyes/face that I was dead beat exhausted and not 100%. And then I just feel bad because I don’t really want to waste a photographers time either.

Soo that is why I have decided to take tomorrow completely off! I’m going out tonight with the IBMS family (we are staying on the resort, going to the resort disco club). Tonight is the All Black party (basically that just means everyone just wears black lol).  Then tomorrow I am going to sleep in! There is a yoga class on the beach at 8am I might try to go to… depending upon when I wake up.  But then I’m just going to chill. Not wear any makeup, do a little work (tomorrow is check in day for my 1:1 coaching clients!) and just enjoy!

I took a long walk earlier and found the BETTER buffet so I am going to go there for dinner tonight before the party. I will tell you all about the buffet and the party in tomorrow’s blog post! Stay tuned friends!

Ps. My low back is gonna be sore AF tomorrow from all the arching I’ve been doing!

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