Traveling Tips

⁣Traveling is one of the most amazing experiences! Whether I’m traveling for modeling or just for fun, I use these tips so that I maintain my healthy lifestyle while still enjoying my adventure!

Whether you’re staying at an all-inclusive resort, or you’re backpacking through the dessert, you can still utilize these tips for a successful trip!


Often times my clients fear traveling because they think they won’t make any progress. Truth is, when you’re off of your routine, you most likely won’t – and that’s OK! ⁣Traveling isn’t about losing weight – it’s about enjoying LIFE!

Instead of setting unrealistic expectations for yourself, go into with the mindset of maintaining your weight rather than moving forward. Imagine pressing pause rather than excel!⁣

My 3 Tips for Traveling: ⁣

⁣1. Be active!⁣

Move! Get your steps in! This doesn’t have to mean going to the gym and getting a workout in like you normally do at home. It means not sitting still when you have the opportunity to move! Understandable there are going to be periods of times where we can’t (like on long flights or car rides) but you can definitely and consciously make an effort to move! Tips:

  • At the airport: Walk up and down the terminal as you wait.  I wear my Fitbit and I’m always shocked by how little steps I make when I finally reach my gate. (Sometimes, it may feel like you’re on your feet forever because you’re standing in line but realistically, you aren’t moving a whole lot.) So instead of sitting (since all you’ll be doing is sitting on the plane itself) use this opportunity to stretch your legs up and down the terminal. Plus if you’re carry some heavy bags it’s great cardio!
  • Road trip:  instead of trying to get to your destination in the fastest possible time, give yourself and extra hour or two so that you can make a few stops to stretch your legs and get some steps in at a rest stop (not just a gas station because you won’t move that much). My favorite kind of places to stop at is an outlet mall (they are all over I-95)


2. Drink water!⁣

This is the easiest thing to forget to do when you’re not on your normal routine. When you’re dehydrated, you’re body retains water and that is one of the biggest culprits to the number on the scale going up! Suggestions:
  • Continue to keep your water intake at a normal/constant level to prevent unnecessary bloating
  • Drink bottled water (especially when traveling internationally)
  • Pack an empty water bottle in your luggage, you’ll never know when you’ll need for mixing a protein shake or something!

3. Know BEFORE you go!

Just evaluate what your situation will be like. Will you have access to a fridge? Or will you be eating on the go? What ever it is, knowing before you go will help you to be able to plan and prepare. Here are some things to consider for certain situations:

  • Research the area for gyms. You can even call ahead to see if they do any free passes or guest rates. See if your hotel has a gym. Most All-inclusive and cruise ships have state of the art equipment!
  • Check out your surroundings for grocery stores or health food stores
  • Look to see if your hotel has a micro/fridge or if they can provide you with one (call the front desk and ask! the worst they can say is no).
  • Bring a cooler with you. If you’re driving you can pack some meals with you. If the ice melts you can always buy more at a gas station! If you’re flying you can absolutely bring a cooler on as a carry on. The ice packs you use must be frozen solid (as you can’t have any liquids!). Tip: If you won’t be eating these meals for 8+ hours, I suggest freezing the entire meal first so that it definitely stays cool and when you arrive to your destination it will most likely be thawed out.
  • Pack a bag of tricks of non-perishable items – just in case! This can be anything from beef jerky, tuna pouches, nuts/seeds, single serving nut butters, protein powder and protein bars. These things will hold you over and prevent you from snacking on calorie else airport food. Even herbal teas, vitamin c, fiber, magnesium, probiotics and digestive enzymes (sometimes when we are out of routine and eating foods we aren’t used to our digestion gets thrown off, if you are prone to this you should definitely pack that emergency bag!)
  • Research restaurants! (this is probably my favorite thing to do!) Not only will you have a better dining experience but you’ll be able to find some places that are equally healthy as they are delicious!


I believe a big part of traveling is getting to enjoy the food where ever you go! I’m not saying that all you’re meals should be 100% clean but you should mindful of what you’re consuming. Follow the 80/20 rule and you shall be just fine!


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P.s. ENJOY YOUR ADVENTURE! Take lots of pictures -especially of the food!


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