Mexico Day 0

Let the fun begin!

I will be staying in Tulum, Mexico at an all inclusive resort for 6 nights with The International Bikini Model Search. The IBMS is an organization for models and photographers to collaborate, network, and learn from each other.  Every single day are open photoshoots and every single night there is an IBMS event/party. I will do my very best to write about each day/event as I go.

Why am I blogging about this?

Because SO many women ask me about IBMS and how it works and what all goes on. And honestly, the only way to know is to not be afraid and just do one of these incredible events!

Everyone here is SO nice. WE all want to help each other, take incredible photos and HAVE A GOOD TIME!

Today, I spent majority of the day catching up with some familiar faces and meeting new ones! I got a little ab workout and a total of 15,649 steps in by checking out this MASSIVE resort! I can’t wait to do some more exploring tomorrow!

Speaking of which, I’ve got shoots lined up with 4 different photographers already (and that’s just for tomorrow!) It will be my first time shooting with all of 4 of them so I’m super excited to learn and connect with them! So on that note, I’m gonna get some beauty sleep!


Oh and one more thing…

I had someone ask me if I ever do anything fun besides eat really healthy and workout…

The answer is yes. But I’m super mindful about it. And I can only handle but so much of it before I start to feel crummy so that’s why I’ve come up with a game plan for this week:

Shoot a lot, eat mindfully and train on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. So what that looks like is balanced meals of mostly proteins, veggies and clean carbs and a whole lotta guacamole (after all, this is Mexico!) and a few low-cal drinks. Then Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday let off the reins and REALLY enjoy the opportunity of the all inclusive buffets and bars – because after all, this is a vacation! 

#balance – isn’t that what they say?!

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