🙋🏻‍♀️Falling off the Wagon

Do you beat yourself up every time you “mess up” or fall off the wagon?👇🏼

A new client of mine had an extremely exhausting day at work and overindulged on some GF cookies which pushed her over her macros for the day. She texted me expressing disappoint in herself and apologized in fear that I would “fire her” as a client🔥 ⁣

My client had a moment of anxiety, but I assured her this ‘mess up’ what actually a good thing because we can use this as an opportunity to learn 2 things:⁣

1️⃣I had her recognize what triggered the mini binge. Realizing that it was just exhaustion from her longest day at her physical job, we decided it would be best to give her a higher-macro day on Mondays from now on (Yay, more food!)⁣

2️⃣She logged the cookies so that she could see the total macro breakdown. She couldn’t believe how many carbs were in them and concluded it wasn’t worth it. ⁣

After this little episode, she opened my course and found my lesson on nutrient timing where I outline when and why it’s okay to have high-glycemic (+fun) foods like cookies around times of high-activity. On our last strategy call, I agreed the cookies would be perfect as a post-workout💪🏼

Had she not “messed up”, she could have:⁣
🚫continued to think she was disappointing me (but now she ⁣trusts me and understands I am here to help, not judge!✅⁣)⁣
🚫continued to under-eat on her long day⁣ (but now she has more macros on her busy day, aka more food!⁣✅)⁣
🚫developed a poor relationship to GF healthy cookies (but now she understands when and why things like cookies can be used!⁣✅)⁣
🚫felt restricted which would have lead to a larger binge later on⁣ (but now she doesn’t feel restricted or guilty for eating cookie this upcoming week!✅⁣)⁣

We reframed her thoughts and used this as an opportunity to learn and grow. She’s now following my framework with a positive attitude instead of disappointment🥰🥳⁣

If you constantly feel disappointed in yourself like this, I encourage you to reframe your thoughts like my client has. I’d be happy to help!🤗😘⁣

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