👩🏻‍🍳Honey Mustard

Store bought honey mustards are loaded with sugar.

You may think “1g sugar? that’s not a lot” but you might have failed to see that the serving size is only 1 tsp.

I dunno about you but if I’m gonna have honey mustard, I’m not gone have just a measly teaspoon!

By the time done I’m squeezing out some honey heaven, I’d have 10g of unnecessary added sugar…

Instead, I mix up my own using regular yellow mustard and Sugar free pancake syrup.

2 parts mustard, 1 part syrup




Side note, artificial sweeteners should also be consumed in moderation. This is only a once in a while thing… but its a great hack!

One thought on “👩🏻‍🍳Honey Mustard

  1. 👍Love that! We are so limited here with “stuff” – we have a Walmart and Food City.🤨I finally ordered the pink salt and found a few things on Amazon. The vegetables are at least really good at Food City and fresh! I found Bolthouse dressing there too! Ordered the PB powder. I really like it but you can’t mix it up ahead of time ( too much) and certainly not put it on a rice cake and take to work!😝😝😝😝

    Thanks for all of the good posts ! Practice sale is going to go through – I won’t be a maniac anymore…. and wear 2 hats at one time. I still will be working but without all the stress! Something to say about getting “older”!🤣

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