🍽Strict Meal Plans Won’t Help You

In the process of getting fit I followed VERY strict meal plans. The repetitiveness was great because I’m the very busy, OCD type that likes to follow a list. It was definitely the easy route. ⠀

The one thing my meal plans all had in common was a limited & restricted food list. I thought that was a good thing because it meant less opportunity for me to FAIL. â €

I stuck to the list because thats’s what I was told BUT I soon started to demonize all foods that were not on the list. Not just sugary/fatty foods but healthier things like tomatoes, colorful veggies, peanut butter, and some types of meat like lamb, chicken thighs, or bison were NEVER on my plans so I thought they were BAD.⠀

My mindset around food became WARPED. I had an opinion of “clean foods” and “dirty foods” that were going to help me lose weight and foods that wouldn’t. I couldn’t go out to eat due to intense FEAR around what options they wold have that fit my plan so I would avoid going out or I would just bring my own food. ⠀

At the time I was proud of myself for the willpower but over time I realized this wasn’t happiness. I became miserable because I was restricting so many foods for far too long. But the more I’ve learn about nutrition, the more I’ve come to realize not only is it not MENTALLY healthy to restrict foods, but its actually PHYSICALLY unhealthy and extremely dangerous for us to eat the same foods over and over and over again. ⠀

Our bodies can actually develop an intolerance to foods if we are exposed to them too often. When we eat the same foods repeatedly day in and day out our bodies become so used to them and will start rejecting it and you therefore create this intolerance to those foods (regardless if they are “healthy” or not!). ⠀

I coach my clients to rotate through foods weekly and I help them to change their mindset around food. I could write strict meal plans all day long but all that would do is create a warped mindset around food and a very unhealthy body. Instead, I take a more flexible approach. My mission is more than just helping you look good. My mission is to help you create overall physical AND mental wellness. â €

So If you’ve been eating egg whites and chicken breast 1-2x a day everyday for over 16 weeks I dare you to go 1 week without either of those foods and try something different.

If you feel like you resonate with me, let me know by commenting below or email me at kierstincifelli@gmail.com

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