💪🏼Thick Thigh Myths

Do you have Thick Thighs?⠀

Do you hate when they rub together?

When I first got into fitness one of my biggest goals was the reduce the size of my legs. If you can relate, keep reading!⠀

The recent fitness trend goes something like “running and high reps are bad and you should never do them.” BUT it’s worked for me and I’m not an anomaly. Here’s why some of these trends you hear may not hold true for YOU either… ⠀

Myth 1 “you don’t need to run to get lean”
Truth: Not everyone is built to run, not everyone likes running, and not everyone needs to run but truth is SOME people DO need and will benefit from running. The people who should use running as a method of cardio are the ones who’s legs are thick (like mine). I hold a lot of muscle in my legs but I also tend to store my fat there as well so the low-resistance and repetitive movement of running forces my stubborn legs to lean out. ⠀

Myth 2 “you’ll lose your glutes if you do a lot of running”
Truth: Okay, this one is somewhat true. BUT at the same time, if you reduce your overall body fat, the muscle that you do have will naturally appear bigger and thus you’ll create this beautiful illusion of having larger muscles – even if they did decrease in size. ⠀

Myth 3 “you need to lift heavy weight if you want to shape your legs”
Truth: Not everybody needs to build leg muscles. I had plenty of muscle there from years of playing sports. The problem was I held plenty of fat there too. High reps helped me to reduce both muscle & fat to lean out! AND for the record, speaking from my own experience, it’s much easier to trim down first, then build up the muscle later. ⠀

So if you’re goal is to reduce the size of your legs (both muscle & fat) you’ll need to focus on these 3 things:

2️⃣Long-duration, low-resistance, Stead-state cardio – hint: running⠀
3️⃣High Repetition Training⠀


In my 1:1 signature coaching program I formulate your customized plan of all 3 components so that you can sculpt long, lean, sexy legs! Find all the info here.

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