Sky high results from a travel-sized gal ✈

I just have to brag on one of my clients right now…

First off, when I first started working with her, she’d have never let me share these images because she was super self-conscious (totally normal and understandable!) and when I asked her if I could share these I was expecting a hesitant response but instead she gave me a great big “ABSOLUTELY!

And see THAT right there, THAT is the transformation I’m most excited about. Sure, the difference between photos her photos IS amazing but the difference between her level of confidence is something photos cannot show.

Let me just tell you, things don’t come easy for her. This woman is a 4’11” flight attendant. (fun story: when she was applying for the job she was so nervous about passing the reach test but when she did she claimed she never would have if it weren’t for my training programs which allowed her to have better posture!)

But back to what I was saying… She has a crazy schedule because and she’s obviously constantly traveling but she’s mastered my macronutrient strategies to choose and plan her meals that align with her weight loss goal.

I’ve helped her create a different menu when she’s on trips vs. on the ground. She packs a cooler of meals to last throughout her “fly days” and she’s come up with a list of all-ready-prepped items she can purchase almost anywhere when she finds herself in a pinch.

These aren’t her before and “after” photos. These are before and “during” because we’re still working together to reach an even leaner look!
Operation look-sexy-AF-in-a-gown in full effect!

Here’s what Meghann has to say about my signature 1:1 program:

“It works. It beyond works. But YOU got to work YOUR ass off… literally. I travel for a living, I live in hotel rooms, and out of a suitcase/lunch box. I tried really hard before Kierstin to pack on my own, using what I learned from her before accepting a flight attendant job. I had a heart to heart with Kierstin. Told her my struggles and boy did she deliver.I’m not saying that this isn’t a struggle most days, because with someone like me, who has the hard relationship with food and guilt, it is a struggle. But each day, I know I am set up for success. It’s doable. Planning is essential. Taking 2 hours out of one day to cook and package my food for the week, is essential. But it keeps me on track. I have gone from being my heaviest to being my lightest. From hating every picture I’ve taken, to actually allowing pictures be posted. From hating standing next to my Marine in any setting because I’m afraid people will ask why is he dating the fat girl, to standing next to him beaming because I now make him tired in the gym.You gotta grind. You gotta work. You gotta do the job, but I promise, hang in there with Kierstin. Fight through those days when you want to quit, through those days when you want to cry because you don’t feel like you’re making progress. You gotta fight through that. You do that, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. “



If you think you can’t do macros, meal prep, and stick to a plan because you’re constantly on the go, you travel for work, or you don’t always have access to a microwave/kitchen… You’re wrong!

It’s absolutely possible and she is living proof that you can do it too.  




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