One very important term to live by in a healthy lifestyle is Balance. But even more than balance I want to talk about the term “variety.” We already know the importance of having variety in our workouts and daily activities. Changing it up to keep the body constantly guessing and trying to adapt. So with this concept, why is it that we still regularly see people mass meal prepping the same meals day in and day out? It’s always the same food sources: chicken, fish, beef, oatmeal, brown rice and sweet potatoes over and over and over again. Sure, these are great healthy food choices and are packed with vital nutrients, but what about the nutrients they lack? Where is the variety? I’ve been a sucker to this type of eating for too long; once believing that white potatoes were “bad” if they weren’t sweet, or white rice “cheap” if it wasn’t brown. It’s not a healthy way to go about healthy eating. It’s about variety, and always switching it up to keep your body guessing. I’m not talking about IIFYM and eating whatever the hell you want if it fits. I’m simply saying you can have your staple foods, but allow substitutions. Keep evolving🌖

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