Lessons of Lifting

“You earn your trophies at practice, you just pick them up at competitions”

I’ve competed in several bodybuilding/physique competitions over the past two years. With never less than a 4th place finish, I’ve taken home 1-3 trophies from each show (due to crossovers, overall titles, etc). These trophies now consume an empty corner of my apartment, awaiting the next adjunct. Every so often as I catch a glimpse of their intricate detail, I reminisce in great memories. But even more than my past, they remind me of my future. These trophies represent my ability to do ANYTHING I set my mind to, whether fitness related or not. It’s not the trophies that I take pride in, but the investment that went into winning them.

The lessons I have learned through disciplined fitness training have spilled over into everything I do. Whatever my line of work or career path, the practice of training provides me the ability to persist through the hardest of struggles. That’s because bodybuilding is about forgoing temporary fixes to achieve a greater goal. I know that today’s pain and tomorrow’s soreness won’t pay dividends until months or years from now. But that’s not going to stop me from trying my damn hardest right now.

Time is a valuable thing. In today’s society, instant gratification is the norm. The discipline that comes from being a bodybuilder is the rarest commodity. I invest this same dedication and sacrifice into all aspects of my life.



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