Should I compete?

Recently I received a direct message on Instagram from a young lady who was interested in competing. She claimed to have struggled with an eating disorder which quickly diminished when she started getting into weightlifting. She has a personal trainer who encourages her to compete however she feels nervous to get onstage and wanted to know a little bit more about the experience.

My response was real and honest and so versatile to almost anyone who is thinking about competing so I wanted to share it with you here…

” I’m not gonna give you any bullshit, but the blunt truth. I think everyone who’s into competing has at one point or another dealt with an eating disorder whether diagnosed or undiagnosed so do not let that stop you or limit you. You can do anything you put your mind to if you only just believe 🙂 but at the same time this sport isn’t only about lifting heavy at the gym and putting time into the kitchen but it’s all about the mental aspect. If you have a strong mind then you will succeed, if you have a weak mind you will make yourself miserable. I’ve watched many girls with a poor mindset spiral downwards and it’s just not pretty. I have plenty of advice to give about diet tips, posing, etc but my biggest piece of advice is to first ask yourself deep down what are you doing this for? Are you doing it because YOU love the challenge and you want to make YOURself better mentally and physically? Or do you want to prance on stage and brag to all your friends and have pretty pictures? Do it for you, and only you!”

I want every single competitor out there reading this to ask yourself “why do I compete?”

And continue to ask yourself on your days of struggle. Is it still worth it?

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