Epsom Salt Detox

Okay, so we all have busy lifestyles, right? But sometimes we all need to take the time to just… RELAX and unwind.

While indulging on sweets and alcohol might seem like a good resort at first it is much more of a quick fix(not to mention not the best for your overall health). And, unfortunately, things like mediation aren’t quite easy tasks to just pick up on a whim.

But there is an all natural remedy that you can use at your very own convenience and will take you about the same amount of time it takes to shower!

You have to try this health and beauty must-have: Epsom salt.


You can find this virtually anywhere, from your local grocery store to drug stores to bath/spa shops and chic boutiques. Epsom salt has many beneficial properties that can soothe the mind, body, and soul.

Benefits of epsom salt:
> Eases and relieves stress
> Relieves muscle soreness
> Improves circulation
> Makes insulin more effective
> Reduces constipation
> Eliminates toxins
> Exfoliates and soothes skin

But get this, It’s actually not even a salt but a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate. Studies have shown that magnesium and sulfate are both readily absorbed through the skin, making Epsom salt baths an easy and ideal way to enjoy the amazing health benefits.

How to take an epsom salt bath:
1. Add 2 cups of epsom salt to hot bath water.
2. Soak your body in the tub for 12-20 minutes.
3. When finished, do not rinse nor use any soaps, lotions, or scrubs as it will interfere with the actions of the salts.
4. Then.. Just relax and REST!
Take up to 3 Epsom salts per week for maximum benefits!

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