Bust, Beauty or Brains

It seems like every girl in competition has breast implants. Is this expected? Is this required? Is this what the fitness industry is coming to?

It’s no wonder most women (probably 85%) in the fitness realm have them. In the female fitness categories(bikini and figure divisions) the feminine ideal is just as important as musculature and athleticism. The goal is to create and display that ideal, fit, strong physique with curves, muscles, femininity all combined into one beautiful human sculpture. But in order to do this competitors must get down to very low body fat levels. Now here we have a catch 22- our breasts are nothing but fatty tissue. Unfortunately, we can’t have our cake and eat it too(pun intended!). Plastic surgery is the only option that enables this otherwise impossible human-physiology phenomenon .

But what I personally don’t understand is if we are striving for the most perfect ideal body, why can’t we find it in nature? Why do we have to resort to unnatural enhancement? Just some Food for thought.

I never wanted breast implants. Actually, believe it or not, there was a time in my life where I actually wanted a breast reduction. At my heaviest, I was a D cup, I had to wear two sports bras to just tame them down!

After losing the excess, I’m now sitting at a natural B cup and completely comfortable in my own skin. I feel that my breasts are perfectly portioned to my tiny 5’0″ frame. But the more I look at the big time ladies the more I think: Do I need a boob job to make it in this industry? Is this the next step?

I’m perfectly happy so why would I get breast implants? Just to make the judges happy? No, absolutely not, I’m not about that. I compete for ME.

For what it’s worth, I am planning to compete in the bikini division just as I am, au natural. In doing so I may be creating an even bigger challenge to make a name for myself. That’s okay. I’m doing this to prove that it can be done. Maybe it will take me a little longer to get my pro card, maybe I will never even get there but I’m staying true to myself . Afterall, there is something to be said for real, raw genuine beauty that has to be earned and cannot be faked, implanted, or placed with surgery.

Of course, getting breasts implants is an extremely personal and subjective choice that a woman may make for a number of reasons, the most obvious being aesthetic improvement. I have nothing against women who have them, I do not think less of them, in fact, most of my friends do have breast implants! I respect their decisions and I know they will respect mine in return.


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