Class Instead of Ass

It seems like everyone is into fitness these days. Whether it be weightlifting, yoga, crossfit or whatever else, millions of social media posts portray healthy habits that help to motivate others and spread the wellness. There’s even an epidemic of fitness hashtags.

Personally, I think it’s a beautiful thing. For the first time, the younger generation is taking care of their bodies and, therefore, the life ahead of them. It’s only sensible considering the abundance of available research and knowledge about preventable diseases and injuries through exercise and healthy living. Now everyone is jumping on the healthy bandwagon!

While a lifestyle of healthy living is admirable, some methods of portraying fitness is leaning towards promiscuity. A girl posts a picture of her booty and she’s immediately deemed as a whore, but then she claims that she squats and so it’s okay, right?!

No. Just because you squat does not make it okay to posts pictures of your basically-bare backside. I don’t believe that fitness and a healthy lifestyle gives privilege for promiscuous pictures. I understand you may have worked very hard to achieve your results. I understand it’s your body and you can portray it the way you want. However, there are ways to show your progress without showing us everything. (Just a little hint ladies, there’s a way to appear sexy without showing too much skin. And hey, not for nothing but the same goes for some of the males out there.)

I’m constantly pulling up fitness accounts of nothing but booty shots. Is this really what health is about? No doubt these ladies look incredibly amazing but think of how much more beautiful they would be if they showed some class instead of just ass.

I’m not here to bash on anyone or to dictate what should and should not be posted on social media. I’m simply reminding you to think about who you want your audience to be. I’m not perfect, I’ve posted things I’m no longer proud of. But I’m taking the initiative to consciously ask myself what I’m trying to portray before each post I make. Am I truly exerting the happiness training and clean eating gives me and hopefully motivate others to do the same?

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