Complaining won’t get you anywhere

I am three weeks into this wild ride of competition prep and I really feel amazing. Yes, I’m tired and sore and sometimes hungry but I know it’s all bringing me one step closer to my dreams.

I’ve been following and keeping up with other girls who are coasting on this similar ride as me but there is one theme that I continually notice with a few of them. They are constantly complaining. “Ew, I hate oatmeal”, “I feel like I’m just chewing to get the food down”, “I’m so sore I want to die”, “Ugh, on my third set of 15 min interval of cardio”, “I don’t have time for anything fun” Endless phrases of complaints accompany their Instagram and Facebook posts. I sit here and wonder, then why are you doing it? Why are you doing this if you don’t enjoy it? Just to look good in a bikini? Is that really more important than your overall emotional state?

Being a fitness model/competitor is a lifestyle commitment. If you don’t enjoy the lifestyle then don’t do it! If you aren’t enjoying your food, if you aren’t enjoying your workouts, if you aren’t enjoying the challenges and being able to overcome those challenges, then why are you making yourself miserable? Just for 60 seconds of glory when you prance out on stage in a bitty bikini? If so, You’re priorities aren’t right. Either stop complaining or stop lying to yourself.

Of course being tired, sore and hungry aren’t among the most comfortable feelings but know that these feelings are necessary and required in order to reach that goal. Without these feelings there would be no challenge. The enjoyment lies within knowing you are one of very few who can handle the extremes.

Guess what? Not only can I handle the extremes but I truly enjoy it! I love oatmeal, I love all the foods I eat, I love feeling sore cause I know I worked hard, I love dripping in sweat and the struggle to catch my breath, I love going to bed early to take on another day, I love cooking and weighing my food. I love every second of this lifestyle. I have fun when I train, cook, pose and watch my progress. After living this way there is no way I could ever go back to my old lifestyle. It’s imbedded, I’m addicted, and I can’t have it any other way. I was made for this lifestyle, and this lifestyle was made for me.

This isn’t just a fitness thing. It goes for everything in life.
Enjoy what you do. Every damn second of it.
If not, then do yourself a favor and find something else. Find YOUR dream and what makes YOU truly happy and GO do it, whatever it is, without complaining.

“Be strong, you never know who you are inspiring”

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