It all comes down to HEALTH

It’s not all about calories in versus calories out. It’s not all about getting your cardiovascular exercise. It’s not all about conscious meal timing with approved diet foods. You can do all these things and still not achieve your goals. Don’t get me wrong, These are all pieces to the puzzle BUT you can start that puzzle unless your have the space. In this case the space is our bodies. But I’m not talking just the physical matter, I’m talking about the physical make up and homeostasis of your body’s hormones. Your hormones absolutely need to be aligned.

I’ll admit, I have been struggling. I’ve been trying things to see how my body responds. After all, you never know if you don’t try. What seemed to be a scientifically proved plan turned out to mess up my body’s homeostasis. But that’s okay- finding your balance has to be a process of trial and error. Everybody is different. You cannot follow a cookie cutter template and expect it to work for you because it worked for that guy. Instead, try it, tweak it and if it’s still not working then find something else!

I tried Kiefer’s Carb Nite Solution, then tweaked it with Carb Backloading but the whole thing took a wild turn and dumped me at a totally different station. Now how to get back to where I started? Or take a different route? -When nothing’s going right, go left!

I made a list of my issues and researched potential reasons for each issue. I stumble upon the phrase “metabolic damage” and a wild fire occurred. I found Layne Norton’s videos, I found Ben Coomber Radio, Precision Nutrition, metabolic-effect, and millions of women who shared my issues due to this idea of intermient fasting, over exercising and ultimately under eating. Each one of these sources told me the same thing: hormones need to be balanced. And guess what? Each issue on my list proved that my hormones we NOT balanced.

Unfortunately the road to recovery is much longer than the road that lead me here. Again, it’s still a process of trial and error to see what works best for ME. I’m not going to list out what I’m doing differently now because it might not work for others. I will tell you though that tracking your foods, exercises, reps, sets, weights, feelings, moods, supplements, etc. is important when you are trying to fix a problem. Being able to look back at a certain time period will help you find what’s working and what’s not and eliminates the guessing.

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