Rest Day

When you train hard, you break down your muscle fibers. In order to grow and make lean gains, your muscles need time to recover and recoup from the damage. It is rest that makes you stronger because it is rest that gives your muscles the opportunity to heal and recover.

While it may be the easiest day physically, Rest Day produces far more troubles mentally. I feel lazy and restless and I can’t stop thinking about the gym.

Rest days are always the hardest for me because I have to find something to do with myself! I try to plan my rest days on days when I’m super busy but sometimes I have a good amount of time with nothing to do! It can be hard to take a day completely off but if you honestly train hard then your body honestly needs the time to recover.

These are some things I do to keep my rest days productive, help my body recover, and move into the next week with motivation!

Pro-active Rest Day:
– go food shopping
– prepare meals and store in single serving tuber ware
– prepare snacks for crunch times!
– chop veggies
– make sauces and dips
– search clean eating recipes
– read fitness, health, cooking articles
– see what your favorite fitness models are up to
– stretch while listening to music
– try an easy yoga class
– go for a walk outside
– plan out the week ahead
– review and reflect on your progress
– write down your goals
– read a book
– make a home spa
– research nutrition
– this is the hardest one: relax!

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